While CEO of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest and most respected hedge fund, A&M graduate, Britt Harris, determined that he wanted to turn some of his success into something with longer-term significance. Britt’s passion is for people with high capacity and high character, particularly those in the early and middle parts of their careers. From that desire an elite and nationally recognized program has emerged.

Rather than focusing on technical competence, something already well established at the universities, Britt created a separate learning track for focusing on wisdom, personal understanding and growth. Today, ten years later, that effort has turned Titans into an ongoing network of young high capacity professionals that remain widely connected and are now strongly desired throughout the state and the nation.  Over 400 Titans are in the Titans Network today, serving and advancing in many of the nation’s leading firms. This group has broken down historical barriers to both entry and advancement at many top firms and its brand is now well recognized for excellence, intellect and integrity.



The Titans program was recently featured in a critically acclaimed report on the current condition of college education by Frank Bruni, a New York Times editorial writer. In that analysis and report, the Titans program was described as one of the break-through advances in collegiate education. In addition, alumni of Titans have received the Top A&M student award twice, top student within a respective school multiple times, many individual rewards and even won one Olympic Gold Medal, while also holding many of the universities’ top student leadership positions.  As a result, Titan students are always among the most highly recruited graduates.


More than 70 leading businessmen and women across multiple industries personally sponsor Titan students and directly interact with the students and the full Titan network.  

Selection Process

Titan applicants compete for a limited number of Titan “seats” via written essays, personal resumes, nominations and multiple personal interactions with various parts of the Titan network.  In the most recent selection process, Titans received more than 70 applications and 21 were selected for the A&M Titans program.

Titans Annual Activities

Annual dinners are held in five cities each year (Austin, Dallas, Houston, New York and London.) The key note address for the Houston dinner has recently been given by Secretary James Baker, George Roberts (KKR Founder) and Coach R. C. Slocum. The Dallas and New York dinners have been supported by Ray Hunt (Hunt Oil), Bob Prince (Bridgewater) and Howard Marks (Oaktree.)

About the Students

Every Titan selected has all four of the following attributes:

  1. They are especially likely to be unusually successful early in their career
  2. They have the character to use whatever success they do achieve to help others
  3. They are always fully engaged in whatever they choose to do
  4. They make the commitment to become lifelong friends